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BlogEngine.Net “Update Failed”

I upgraded to the latest version of BlogEngine.Net and ran into an “Update Failed” message, this after everything worked perfectly on my local machine – it only occurred after I deployed.   The odd part was I could create a new post, I just couldn’t update it and none of the administrative features worked.


Adventures on the edge

Turns out, after much lost time, that my IIS Server application pool was running in “classic” mode.  Once I changed it to “integrated” everything started working as expected. 

Be sure to check all of your sites if you have to switch your application pool from Classic to Integrated.  Unfortunately, my oldest blog (BlogEngine - from 2008-2011) stopped working – problematic particularly since most of my hits (average 1,500 a day) come from that blog.   It was a mutually exclusive scenario as I could only use one or the other, but not both. 

I had some hoop jumping to do, but was able to use code from a different Blog (from 2011-2015) and migrated the data from the non-functioning blog to it and all was well – everything is working now.