Adventures on the edge

Learning new development technologies (2015 - 2018)
    "When living on the bleeding edge - you sometimes have to bleed" -BillKrat

Shift key stops working for Remote Desktop

Parallels is an excellent program for using an IMac for both Apple and PC development (more below), the only issue I encountered to date is that when I remote into my Slate [to develop in Visual Studio 2017] I lost the shift key functionality. Oddly the CAPS lock key worked but this was not a practi... [More]

Salesforce and Eclipse… arghhhh!!

Salesforce rocks, I took their Trailhead beginner and intermediate developer courses at and was very, very impressed.  It combined my experience of ASP.NET MVC, SQL, C#, and Visual Foxpro (data integrated with environment) and combined it into one very powerful p... [More]


It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Working with Multiple Environments, it is a comprehensive article that goes into detail on how to configure your application for Development, Staging, and Production.   One of the first things I encountered was that the launchSettings.j... [More]